Loving you

I’m so lucky to have you. So lucky to know you’re mine. Sometimes I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the moments when I’m too impulsive I don’t realize it. But immediately I realize you’re incomparable more precious than my proud or a stupid reason for an argument my feelings get stronger. I don’t want to lose you. Maybe sometimes I’m immature. Forgive me but don’t leave me. I still don’t know how to manage a real relationship but you can teach me and I promise you that you will have the best one next to me. I want to be the reason for which all your previous relationship didn’t work. Maybe sometimes I don’t know how to show you how much you mean to me but if I could I would give you my heart for one minute. There are a lot of people who can’t understand it or who might be envious of what we have together. But I don’t need anybody to understand me. I just need you to be next to me.

When I met you I didn’t even dare to think about what we could be. I didn’t believe in relationships. But with you everything’s different. With you, there’s a sense in everything. I don’t want you to like me for being perfect because I’m far from being like that. I want you to forgive me when I do something wrong and give me the necessaire patience that our relationships needs. I want to make you the happiest. And now when I say future the first thing that crosses my mind is you. I promise you I will do my best for this. You just need to trust me and believe that day by day, I’m trying to make myself better.

Despre Maria-Cristina Pavelescu

Povestea blogului? Scurtă și simplă - dupa cum știm, cu toții avem aceleasi emoții si trairi, doar momentul diferă uneori. Restul e printresentimente.
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  1. Catalin zice:

    Te pup 😘
    Sunama 😎


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